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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2007Printer-Friendly
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What’s Wrong with the World Council of Churches
AUDIO BROADCAST: What's Wrong with the World Council of Churches
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

It's strange how some organizations that pose a dire threat to the work of the gospel attract very little attention here in the U.S. Meanwhile, many otherwise sane Christians are running up and down the rabbit trails of imaginary conspiracies. Some live and breathe conspiracy theories-yet, as I say, they pay little or no attention to people who are really doing the devils' work. So today I want to focus on one of those organizations, the World Council of Churches.

What is the World Council of Churches? It is an international organization that claims to be a fellowship of churches confessing Jesus Christ as God and Saviour. That sounds acceptable. To oppose such an obviously Christian organization, you'd have to be a lunatic-or perhaps an atheist, which is much the same thing. The trouble is that the WCC is not the benign organization that it sounds. Dig a little deeper, go a little beyond the claim it makes for itself and you will discover a truly alarming power group that is pursuing a program that is far from Biblical or Christian.      

The World Council of Churches is an ecumenical organization That is, it has set its sights on achieving the goal of establishing a one-world church. It particularly seeks a union that includes the Church of Rome. In the words of a German delegate at its inaugural meeting, the formation of the WCC marked "the reversal of the Reformation."

The World Council of Churches is a syncretistic organization. That is, it goes beyond the vision of a one world church and promotes the idea of a one world religion. It openly courts heathen religion and when it met in Vancouver, Canada, it promoted and participated in the spiritistic rituals of the local Indian tribes.   

The World Council of Churches is a left-wing activist organization. Its history is one of social activism and on the international stage it has openly given financial aid to terrorist groups. Currently, it is popular to condemn the atrocities of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. The WCC supported his terrorists when they were fighting the government of Rhodesia and murdering any African who failed to support them

The World Council of Churches has admitted to high office men who were blatantly the paid tools of Communist governments. In the years when the U.S.S.R. threatened the peace of the world-when it viciously opposed the cause of Christ and put many humble Christians in prison or in the grave-its Communist government placed its lackeys in key positions in churches that cooperated with it. The Russian Orthodox Church was one and in it the Communists placed their appointees who diligently toed the party line. One of these was Archbishop Nikodim, a Communist apologist and an enemy of the free world-and was elevated to world leadership in the WCC.

None of this has stopped many evangelicals from holding membership in the WCC. It has not stopped Billy Graham from supporting it. But if you love the Lord Jesus Christ and His cause, it should make you separate from any church that maintains fellowship in or with the WCC. So find out where your church stands-and then take your stand for Christ.

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