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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2007Printer-Friendly
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Homosexuals Are the Real Bigots
AUDIO BROADCAST: Homosexuals Are the Real Bigots
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

We are currently enduring a fierce onslaught from the homosexual lobby. They are attacking on all fronts. Here in Greenville, SC, I have seen a huge billboard carrying the message that we should not confuse bigotry with the Bible. It is paid for by the sodomite lobby and it tries to make the point that the Bible is not against the homosexual lifestyle. To oppose homosexuality is mere bigotry. So now the sodomites have arrogated to themselves the right to tell us what the Bible teaches-and to make up the message according to their own preferences and then label all who hold on to what the Bible really teaches as bigots!

Make no mistake about it: the Bible utterly condemns homosexuality. It even states that no one who practices homosexuality can be saved. He may repent of his sin and be delivered from his perversion by saving grace but as I pointed out in a commentary a little time ago he cannot hold on to his homosexuality and be a Christian. That is not bigotry; it is plain Bible teaching. I am not now going to repeat the evidence that I set out Friday November 2. Sufficient to say that in 1 Corinthians 6; 1 Timothy 1 and Romans 1 the Bible clearly identifies homosexual men of every sort and places them under the judgment of God's law and the curse of His wrath. The New Testament in no way softens the verdict of the Old Testament that homosexuality is an abomination to God. I repeat, this is not bigotry; it is what the Bible teaches and anyone who tells you otherwise is deceiving you.

Now let me tell you who the real bigots are. They are not Bible believing Christians who, rejecting the sodomite lifestyle as anti-biblical, still seek to win homosexuals for Christ and who rejoice to see them set free from the satanic perversion that holds them as slaves. The real bigots are the loud apologists for the sodomite lobby. These are the people who want to keep homosexuals enslaved by their perversion, telling them they can never be different. These are the people who invade churches and interrupt services. Recently it was reported that they invaded a Roman Catholic service and neither the police nor the Roman Catholic diocese will press charges. In other words these bigots can break the law with impunity. That was made clear a few years ago when a sodomite army arrived at a Baptist Church in San Francisco to protest the message of a speaker against their perversion. They physically and verbally abused those seeking entrance into the church and kept up a wild din as the service proceeded. They hurled missiles at the church, breaking windows and putting the people in the church in actual physical danger. Worshipers could hardly leave the church because of the lawless and violent mob awaiting them outside. The police were called but refused to intervene in any way. The Christians could get absolutely no protection from their assailants. No one was ever arrested or charged in connection with the incident.

Now the very movement that engages in such vicious attacks wants to pose as victims of bigots who misunderstand the Bible. It's a lie. The real truth is that America is being held to ransom by a bunch of homosexual bigots and their political fellow-travelers-people who are willing to trash the Bible and all who believe it to defend their perverted lifestyle. It's time we identified the real bigots and called them to account before the law instead of cosseting them as the victims they most certainly are not.

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