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Out of the Maze
Aggressive Teenager & Paramilitary Prisoner
Today's Price:   $7.00 USD

Noel Davidson

• Type: Paperback
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• Category: Books - General

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      Product Description      

The tremendous story of the transformation in the life of Thomas Martin

Think of the maze prison. What memories flood your mind? Is it the dirty protests’ of the early eighties? Or the mass escape in 1983? Perhaps the shooting of the loyalist leader Billy Wright in 1997?

As people today hear that this prison is soon to close, and are confronted by media images of confirmed and often unrepentant murderers, walking as free men through our streets, we hear them ask, almost in despair, ‘Can anything good ever come out of the maze?’

The answer, perhaps incredibly for some has to be ‘yes.’ If nobody, or nothing else, there is one person – Thomas Martin. Brought up in difficult circumstances, in a deeply divided town, Thomas joined a proscribed organization, was arrested, charged and sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

It was when in one of the most unlikely places, on the ‘non-conforming protest’ in the Maze that Thomas Martin experienced an about turn in his life. The constant agitator became a peaceful negotiator. The rebellious obstructionist became a trusty helper. All through the mighty power of God.

This book recounts a thrilling story of transformation–- and inspiration, of love and loyalty.

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