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God's Way of Peace
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Horatius Bonar

• Type: Paperback
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• Category: Books - General

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      Product Description      

For half a century and more Horatius Bonar maintained an active and powerful ministry in Scotland. His tracts and books are well received and well read in all Christian circles; as he is also remembered as an excellent hymn-writer. The main theme of this present and concise volume is found in this brief but clear statement by the author—“Some have tried to give direction to sinners ‘how to get converted,’ multiplying words without wisdom, leading the sinner away from the cross, by setting him upon doing, not upon believing. Our business is not to give any such directions, but, as the apostles did, to preach Christ crucified, a present Saviour, and a present salvation. Then it is that sinners are converted, as the Lord himself said, ‘I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me’ (John 12:32).”

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God's Way of Holiness

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