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The Gospel According to Dispensationalism
A doctrinal survey of the system that permeated Fundamentalism
Today's Price:   $5.00 USD

Reginald C. Kimbro

• Type: Paperback
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• Category: Books - Theology

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      Product Description      

Never has there been a more urgent need for God's people to be clear on the subject of the gospel of redeeming grace in Christ. Confusion here leads to chaos everywhere else. When Evangelicalism is reduced, as it is today, to disputing the fundamental meaning of the gospel, is it not in chaos?

What is a Christian? What is the Church? What is the gospel? How has God provided for sinners to be saved? What is the relation of God's people in the Old Testament to those in the New Testament? That is the issue Reggie Kimbro addresses in this book.

This is a book to read with an open mind and an open Bible. It will make you think. It will let you grasp the matters at issue. It will ground you in the great truth of the gospel of redeeming grace in Christ.

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