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The Lord's Prayer
Today's Price:   $10.00 USD

Dr. Alan Cairns

• Type: Hardback
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• Category: Books - Bible Study

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      Product Description      

All believers know they should pray. They want to be able to pray, but they often feel overwhelmed and wonder how to pray.

The Lordís Prayer leads Christians into the joy of genuine fellowship with God. Here we examine the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christóteachings so simple that we can all understand them and so profound that we can never exhaust them.

Dr. Cairns shows that the secret of the Saviourís lessons on prayer is in a vision of the greatness and glory of god that brings us into true heart-communion with God.

In the Lordís Prayer the Saviour teaches us to get beyond the rhetoric and pray effectively. Christ turns the prayer closet firm a place of drudgery into one of delightóthe nearest we can come to heaven on earth.

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