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A New Beginning
God's answer to the problems of guilt, doubt, and temptation
Author: Alan Cairns
Pamphlet/Tract ... $1.00 USD
There are no more universal and urgen problems than guilt, doubt, and temptation. How may I have my sins forgiven and my guilt removed? How may I be sure that I possess eternal life and that I am not deluding myself? How may I enjoy the Chritsian life and live above constant...

Election and Reprobation
A sermon preached on 1 Peter 2:8-9
Author: Alan Cairns
Pamphlet/Tract ... $2.00 USD
This is not meant to be a theological lecture. It is based on a recorded sermon which was preached extemporaneously, one of a series of studies in 1 Peter, and therefore it lacks much of the careful composition of an essay. It maintains the sermon style rather than reproducing...

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