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A Sure Foundation
Rediscovering the Basic Message of the New Testament
Author: Dr. Alan Cairns
Paperback ... $10.00 USD
Have you ever wondered what the message of each New Testament book really is? Not just the meaning of a phrase, a text, or even a chapter, but the central message of the entire book? If so, this is the book for you. A Sure Foundation lets you get a grasp of the heart of the...

Beginning at Moses
A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament
Author: Dr. Michael P. V. Barrett
Paperback ... $10.00 USD
Although not in every line and perhaps not on every page, the message of Christ is the key that both unlocks and locks in the message of the whole Word of God. Jesus Christ is God's final, perfect, incomparable Word. Beginning at Moses seeks to follow the example of Christ...

Chariots of God
God's Law in Relation to the Cross and the Christian
Author: Dr. Alan Cairns
Paperback ... $8.00 USD
David described the angels present when god spoke His law at Mount Sinai as “the chariots of God” (Psalm 68:17). His fine symbolism reminds us of the awesome majesty of God at the giving of the law. However, the angels were merely the symbols of the majestic glory of god while...

Dictionary of Theological Terms
A ready reference of over 800 theological and doctrinal terms
Author: Dr. Alan Cairns
Hardback ... $15.00 USD
If you have ever needed to know the precise meaning of such terms as Arminianism, Calvinism, the Charismatic Movement, Fundamentalism, new Evangelicalism—and a host of other theological terms—in a readable and cross-referenced form, you need Dr. Alan Cairns’ Dictionary of...

God's Unfailing Purpose
The Message of Daniel
Author: Dr. Michael P. V. Barrett
Hardback ... $13.00 USD
WHERE IS GOD? This is often the question of skeptics, scoffers, and even troubled souls. Trials and tribulations of one sort or another crowd our personal lives while corruption, conflict, and catastrophe command the world scene. Indeed, where is God in all of this? Asking...

The Fruit of the Spirit
Author: Dr. Alan Cairns
Paperback ... $8.00 USD
God looks for spiritual fruit in His people. Christ came and sought fruit. He still does. Patiently He looks for the fruit of His labor in the lives of those He has saved. But He does more than look. To insure that we bear spiritual fruit He sends His Holy Spirit to cultivate it...

The Lord's Prayer
Author: Dr. Alan Cairns
Hardback ... $10.00 USD
All believers know they should pray. They want to be able to pray, but they often feel overwhelmed and wonder how to pray. The Lord’s Prayer leads Christians into the joy of genuine fellowship with God. Here we examine the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ—teachings so...

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