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    God's Way of Holiness • Added: 4761 days ago
    Author: Horatius Bonar
    Paperback ... $4.00 USD
    “That which among men so frequently takes the name of holiness is very much unlike the Bible reality,” writes Horatius Bonar. This present volume (first published in 1864) shows true biblical holiness to be that which must be based firmly on a personal experience of the saving...

    God's Way of Peace • Added: 4761 days ago
    Author: Horatius Bonar
    Paperback ... $4.00 USD
    For half a century and more Horatius Bonar maintained an active and powerful ministry in Scotland. His tracts and books are well received and well read in all Christian circles; as he is also remembered as an excellent hymn-writer. The main theme of this present and concise...

    Isle of Lewis Revival • Added: 4761 days ago
    Produced By: Christian Media
    Audio CD ... $5.00 USD
    The thrilling story of God's moving in the British Isles 1949-1952

    Out of the Maze • Added: 4761 days ago
    Aggressive Teenager & Paramilitary Prisoner
    Author: Noel Davidson
    Paperback ... $7.00 USD
    The tremendous story of the transformation in the life of Thomas Martin Think of the maze prison. What memories flood your mind? Is it the dirty protests’ of the early eighties? Or the mass escape in 1983? Perhaps the shooting of the loyalist leader Billy Wright in 1997?...

    The Sovereignty of God • Added: 4761 days ago
    Author: Arthur W. Pink
    Paperback ... $7.00 USD
    'Present day conditions,' writes the author, 'call loudly for a new examination and new presentation of God's omnipotence, God's sufficiency, God's sovereignty. From every pulpit in the land it needs to be thundered forth that God still lives, that God still observes, that God...

    The Attributes of God • Added: 4761 days ago
    Author: Arthur W. Pink
    Paperback ... $9.00 USD
    "A spiritual and saving knowledge of God is the greatest need of every human creature," writes the author, adding that "the foundation of all true knowledge of God must be a clear mental apprehension of His perfections as revealed in Holy Scripture." In this book the author...

    Ian Paisley • Added: 4761 days ago
    A Life in Photographs
    Author: Ian R. K. Paisley, Jr.
    Paperback ... $20.00 USD
    Ian Paisley, 'A Life in Photographs' is the only comprehensive collection of photographs taken of Ulster's most famous son. Ian R. K. Paisley dominates Ulster's political and religious life. The collection, with an introduction by his son, gives you an up close and personal...

    The Wolf from Scotland • Added: 4761 days ago
    The Story of Robert Reid Kalley--Pioneer Missionary
    Author: William B. Forsyth
    Paperback ... $13.00 USD
    This is the gripping story of Robert Reid Kalley, telling of the work of god in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Portuguese island of Madeira and to the people of Brazil. Kalley's work, largely unknown, rightly takes its place amongst the great missionary endeavours of...

    The Indestructible Book • Added: 4761 days ago
    The Historic Path of God's Word from Mt. Sinai to Plymouth Rock
    Produced By: W. Kenneth Connolly & International Baptist Missions
    Video DVD ... $30.00 USD

    Eagles' Wings • Added: 4761 days ago
    Daily Devotional Meditations for a Whole Year
    Compiled By: Alan Cairns
    Paperback ... $9.00 USD
    EAGLES' WINGS is the ideal Bible help with which to start you day. It will lead you into an enjoyment of God's Word that will shape your daily life. The title of the book is itself a reminder that Christians are made to soar to spiritual heights, not remain chained by earth's...

          Our Featured Products      

    Election and Reprobation
    A sermon preached on 1 Peter 2:8-9
    Author: Alan Cairns
    Pamphlet/Tract ... $2.00 USD
    This is not meant to be a theological lecture. It is based on a recorded sermon which was preached extemporaneously, one of a series of studies in 1 Peter, and therefore it lacks much of the careful composition of an essay. It maintains the sermon style rather than reproducing...

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    The Wolf from Scotland
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