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THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 200812 years ago
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J.I Packer Threatened with Suspension
AUDIO BROADCAST: J. I. Packer Is Threatened with Suspension
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

The worldwide Anglican Communion has been in disarray for a long time now due to the scandalous acceptance of practicing homosexual by some Episcopal Churches, notably the American. The American branch of Anglicanism elevated Gene Robinson to be the Bishop of New Hampshire, despite the fact that he is divorced from his wife and is living in a sodomite relationship. Other Anglicans were revolted by this flagrant departure from even the appearance of Christian practice. Robinson from time to time pours oil on the flames of controversy, most recently by alleging that without its practicing homosexual clergy the Church of England cold not function. There has been almost endless talk about splits and peace plans. The Archbishop of Canterbury is rumored to be pushing a plan to allow "conservative" churches and clergy to serve under conservative bishops. This is typical of Rowan Williams-just let the wickedness continue; shuffle the personnel around a little; give the hotheaded conservatives time to cool down; continue business as usual and soon the whole controversy will have died down.

Now the controversy has taken another turn. One of the Church of England's best known evangelicals is J.I. Packer. Packer is a theologian of international reputation. Time Magazine labeled him as the "doctrinal Solomon" of evangelical thinkers and named him in the top 25 of the world's leading evangelicals. Now Dr. Packer, who is 82, is threatened with suspension from the Anglican Church of Canada as one who has abandoned his ministry.  Along with a number of other clergy, packer is reported to have been involved in a series of meetings in which congregations in four parishes in the diocese have voted to join a foreign Church. On  February 22, the Bishop of New Westminster, Michael Ingham, wrote to the clergy involved asking them to tell him whether they have left the ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada, and if they were seeking admission into another religious body outside Canada. According to media reports, members of the four congregations voted to ask Don Harvey, a retired bishop who resigned from the Anglican Church of Canada, to provide episcopal oversight. Harvey has declared himself to be a bishop of an Anglican Church in South America, the Province of the Southern Cone, based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There is a terrible irony here. All his ministerial life, J.I. packer has resisted every call to separate himself from the apostasy of the Anglican Communion. In that determination he has compromised the glorious theology he has ably expounded by his associations with compromisers and corrupters of the gospel. He is exiting the Anglican Church of Canada over the homosexual clergy controversy, as he should, but apart from that controversy there are multiple reasons why he should have got out long ago. For example-and I'll deal with more tomorrow, God willing-his current bishop is more a Hindu in belief than a Christian. He is as vicious a denier of the gospel as the homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire. Ingham is not alone among Anglican bishops in his repudiation of Christian doctrine and Packer has known this to be the case. Yet he stayed in. Now if he doesn't voluntarily leave the Anglican Church of Canada or quit opposing the acceptance of homosexuality in the church, he will be kicked out. He should have obeyed the Bible and separated long ago.
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MONDAY, APRIL 07, 200812 years ago
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Oprah Peddles Satan’s Lies
AUDIO BROADCAST: Oprah Peddles Satan's Lies
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

In 1976 an atheistic psychology professor wrote a book titled A Course in Miracles. She claimed to be merely the "scribe" of the book and that the contents had been channeled to her in a series of strange dreams by one calling himself "Jesus." The book has spawned a movement and has recently shot to the top of the popularity poll through Oprah Winfrey's promotion of it. Indeed, at the beginning of 2008 Winfrey began a year long course on the book on her daily radio show on satellite radio.

Winfrey claims that the course she is leading is not a religion but a form of spiritual psychotherapy. How she can separate "spiritual psychotherapy" from "religion" is left unexplained. The simple truth is that A Course in Miracles is overtly religious. Its entire basis is religious. Apart from the religious "truth" it claims to present it has nothing to say-indeed by its own axioms, if its religious truth is denied, everything else it says is but a deluded perception. So Winfrey is being less than honest about the content of what she is teaching. A Course in Miracles is a course in flagrant antichristianity. Its Jesus is a demonic impersonation of the Christ of God. I accept the original writer's assertion that she received her text from some outside source-and I assert that that source was not God but Satan. The truth of that assertion is easily established by comparing what A Course in Miracles says and what God reveals in His word, particularly what He reveals in the person and teaching of His Son, Jesus Christ. Here are some of the antichristian lies that Stan peddles in A Course in Miracles. The following quotations are from the official ACIM website (bold type added):

In the realm of knowledge no thoughts exist apart from God, because God and His Creation share one Will. The world of perception, however, is made by the belief in opposites and separate wills, in perpetual conflict with each other and with God. What perception sees and hears appears to be real because it permits into awareness only what conforms to the wishes of the perceiver. This leads to a world of illusions, a world which needs constant defense precisely because it is not real.

Sin is defined as "lack of love" (Text, p. 11). Since love is all there is, sin in the sight of the Holy Spirit is a mistake to be corrected, rather than an evil to be punished.

The Self That God created needs nothing. It is forever complete, safe, loved, and loving. It seeks to share rather than to get; to extend rather than project. It has no needs and wants to join with others out of their mutual awareness of abundance.

Christ's vision is the Holy Spirit's gift, God's alternative to the illusion of separation and to the belief in the reality of sin, guilt, and death.

By this standard, sin as the breach of God's law, the wrath of God, and the atonement of Christ are not real. Indeed, the entire Bible and its gospel are not real! This is what A Course in Miracles is all about-the repudiation and replacement of the biblical paradigm of ruin by the fall, redemption by the blood of Christ and regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

This is what Oprah Winfrey is teaching to multitudes-according to our local newspaper around 600,000 people. I am sure she wants to help people but what she will do is destroy them eternally if they buy into the devil's lies she is peddling.
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MONDAY, MARCH 24, 200812 years ago
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Ted Haggard in a Hurry to End Counseling
AUDIO BROADCAST: Ted Haggard Is In a Hurry to End Counseling
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

A year ago Ted Haggard agreed to counseling under the direction of New Life, the church he had led to mega-church status. This came in the wake of a scandal that rocked not only the New Life Church but the whole evangelical community and gave the enemies of the Lord plenty of ammunition to shoot at God's people.

Haggard occupied a position of great prominence. As well as being pastor of a mega church he was the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, in which position he got to represent a large section of the country's evangelicals before President Bush and other top political figures. Haggard also took a leading role in opposing so-called gay rights in Colorado, where he lived and ministered. Thus when it was discovered that he had carried on a three year relationship with a homosexual prostitute and had purchased illegal drugs from him, Haggard's ministry was in shreds.

His dabbling in drugs-if dabbling it was; he described it in similar terms to Bill Clinton who smoked but didn't inhale!-was wrong and was enough to put him out of the pulpit. However, all that paled into insignificance in comparison with the homosexual liaison. The hypocrisy of Haggard was evident not only in his campaigning against homosexuality while he was having an affair with a male prostitute but in the answers he gave to an interviewer at the 2004 NAE meeting in Denver. Asked if he believed in separation, Haggard replied that he did believe in personal separation and in separation from "other faith groups" but not from "born again believers." The hypocrisy was that, as his immoral affair shows, he did not practice personal separation. It was all a lie.

As I said, in the light of all this scandal, Ted Haggard stepped down from his pastorate. He was all contrite and willing to undergo counseling. Now, he has asked New Life to discontinue the counseling. They say that it is premature to stop now but he has made a unilateral declaration of independence on the issue and has called a halt. In other words, he is cured and ready to go.

That's the part that bothers me. Ted Haggard has to realize that his breach of the trust placed in him makes him ineligible for any further involvement in public ministry. If he has repented and been restored to fellowship with God, as I hope he has, he should quit thinking of rehabilitating himself in the eyes of the public and set about the arduous task of mending his personal relationships. He may in quiet, unassuming ways seek to use his hard experience to help others in need. But he needs to forsake all image-building, which was probably part of what got him into trouble in the first place.

 New Life leaders have stated publicly that Mr. Haggard should go into secular employment and not seek to find a place in Christian ministry. They are right. He is wrong to cut himself loose from counseling. He would be even more wrong to pursue the dream he announced last year of raising financial support to pursue-wait for it-a counseling ministry! He can't wait to end his own counseling so he can start counseling others! If this sounds like madness, that's because it is madness.

Forget about it, Ted.
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FRIDAY, MARCH 07, 200812 years ago
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New Baptist Covenant, Old Liberal Agenda
AUDIO BROADCAST: New Baptist Covenant, Old Liberal Agenda
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

There's a new kid on the block of Baptist church politics. Having suffered severely as a newly invigorated conservative movement ousted them from their long held power base in the Southern Baptist Convention, liberal Baptists have formed what they call "The New Baptist Covenant." From January 30 until February 1, 2008, 15,000 participants convened in Atlanta to seek a wider unity and to delineate a policy of social involvement.

Reportedly, the group demonstrated racial, theological and geographic harmony as they prayed, sang, listened to sermons and attended workshops focusing on ministry to the people they claim Jesus called "the least of these" in society. They welcomed some big name speakers to the platform. There was Baptist ex-President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. There was another Baptist ex-President, even more famous than Carter, none other than Bill Clinton. And Al Gore was there as well, to stand by his support for homosexual marriage.

Jimmy Carter was clearly enthused by the emphasis on world hunger, poverty, changing the judicial system and such like. "I feel that this New Baptist Covenant assembly is based on ... love God and love the person standing in front of you at any time," Carter bubbled.

Clinton was the closing speaker and he lectured the participants on how to go forward to the unity they sought. "If we are going to form a covenant that can embrace the whole body of the Baptist [tradition], which every Christian can identify with and every good human being on earth can applaud, it is the spirit with which we go forward and our determination to offer specific things we can do as the children of God that will determine how it comes out in the end."

Now just in case you may have forgotten, this is the same Bill Clinton who took his marriage covenant so seriously and exercised it in such a consistently loving manner that he dragged the office of the President into the gutter of animal lust and persistent lying. He is the one who now unctuously speaks of going forward in a spirit of humility and forgiveness! I think I would call that gall!

More than 30 Baptist denominations and groups sponsored and participated in the gathering. There were several Democratic Party speakers and one Republican senator. The event was boycotted by conservative Baptists who saw the event for what it was, an exercise in old fashioned liberalism. Conservatives have never shied away from their responsibilities in ministries of mercies to a suffering humanity. What we refuse to do is to replace the Church's primary mission of preaching the gospel of redeeming grace with a social gospel and a liberal political and social agenda.

I applaud the conservatives who refused to participate and become co-belligerents with Clinton and Carter and their liberal cronies. The best of humanitarian ideals cannot become the excuse for betraying the fundamental and exclusive truth of the gospel. And that is what the New Baptist Covenant's liberal agenda effectively does.
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THURSDAY, MARCH 06, 200812 years ago
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Muslims Demand Freedom Here But Deny It Wherever They Rule
AUDIO BROADCAST: Muslims Demand Freedom Here, But Deny It Wherever They Rule
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

You can hardly read a newspaper or listen to a news commentary without running into Muslim demands for greater "liberty" for their religious beliefs and practices. In the Netherlands a proposed law banning the wearing of the burqa in public on security grounds has to be modified so that the religious liberty of 50 to 100 Muslim women will not be violated. In Britain, Muslims are graciously "offering" the country's majority the doubtful benefit of shari‘a law-translation: we are using your liberal constitution to get what we want and once we get enough we will impose our will on you.

If you think my interpretation of Muslim intentions unlikely consider the following report. Egypt is a Muslim country. The United States holds it forth as a model for other Muslim countries to follow. It is not your usual Muslim dictatorship. No, this is a more enlightened land. Try telling that to Muhammad Hegazy. He was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity. However, when he sought to have his religious affiliation marked on his national identification card he found out that in law he was still a Muslim and could never be anything else. The law forbade it.

The judge cited the Egyptian Constitution which makes shari‘a law the "source' of all other laws and the basis of their interpretation. Judge Muhammad Husseini concluded that it violates the law for a Muslim to leave Islam. He found that Hegazy, "can believe whatever he wants in his heart, but on paper he can't convert." The judge further ruled that since Islam is the "final" and "most complete" religion, Muslims already have full freedom of religion and are not allowed to return to the "less complete" Christianity or Judaism.

This is Islam at work. Where in the Islamic world is there real freedom of thought? Where can a man weigh the evidence and decide for himself whether to embrace Christianity? Where in the Muslim world do Christians enjoy equal protection under the law? Even in a "secular" Muslim country such as Turkey, in the trial of the murderers of three Christian workers the prosecution is trying to lay the ultimate blame on the victims-they "provoked" the attackers by being Christians who dared to let anybody know they were Christians!

By contrast, the West is cosseting Islam and her extremists. The British government refuses to recognize a war on terror. It refuses to speak of "Muslim terrorism," calling it instead "anti-Islamic activity." To accommodate Muslims who have entered our countries we have agreed to ban or curtail legitimate and even traditional expressions of the faith on which our nations were founded-and while we do so Islam is systematically denying the most basic rights to anybody who rejects its religious tyranny.

Let there be no mistake. There are individual Muslims who are kind and moderate people. Not long ago I had the honor of speaking to one. But the religion of Islam has never shown itself willing to co-exist where it has the power to dominate. There are no exceptions. And yet liberals are falling over themselves trying to accommodate Islam. It doesn't make sense. What the West is doing is giving Muslims enough rope to hang us. And if they can, they will.
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 03, 200812 years ago
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China Purges Christians before Olympics
AUDIO BROADCAST: China Purges Christians Before Olympics
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Communist China is getting ready to host the Olympic Games. For her, it is a golden opportunity to boost her economy and, perhaps even more important, to show an acceptable face to the world. She desperately wants to make sure that there is little or no opportunity for the world's press to get inside the story of her brutal repression of minorities, especially religious minorities. Among those minorities, the Communists are paying particular attention to Christians.

China has been under the brutal heel of Communism since 1948. Her atheist rulers have done all in their power to eradicate all knowledge of God but without real effect. Today, the gospel is making significant inroads in China and many have been converted to Christ. That is a scary thought to the Communists. They are willing to bend their Marxist economic theories and assimilate what they need to take on board from the West to bring material prosperity. But the last thing they want is anything like genuine freedom. That makes Christianity public enemy number one, for if Christ does anything for a person it is to give him true liberty. Free people are hard to control, even if they are politically non-active and non-belligerent, as the believers in Communist countries have historically been.

So China is on another purge to suppress Christian witness. She is targeting pastors, evangelists and publishers of Christian literature. The latest victim is the father of a United States citizen, Weihan Shi, 37, a businessman who works as a travel agent and who recently got government permission to publish some Christian book titles. The U.S. embassy is making inquiries of the Chinese government because the man's daughter, Grace Shi, 7, is a U.S. citizen, and has been forced into hiding with her Chinese mother and 11-year-old sister. Mr. Shi is a life-long resident of Beijing, but was arrested in his Christian literature bookstore in a high-class business tower near the Olympics Village. Chinese authorities have refused to tell Mr. Shi's family where he is being held or what he is being charged with, essentially denying him any possibility of legal defense.

So, Weihan Shi has become one of the "disappeared," in China, in apparent violation of "The International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance," a United Nations convention to which China has submitted. Suppressing any possible dissident voice in the run up to the Olympics is more important to China than any international human rights charter.

Pray for Mr. Shi and pray for China. Her Communist rulers are on a losing track. They will never eradicate the witness of the gospel. The advent of thousands of people from the West for the Olympics may well provide an unparalleled opportunity for believers to bring gospel literature into China-literature that the Lord can use to save many from that land and many others who will be visiting for the Games. Communist purges notwithstanding, the gospel will reach the Chinese people and it will continue to produce a precious harvest of souls for Christ.

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 07, 200713 years ago
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Add Adulterous Preachers to the Sex Offenders’ List!
AUDIO BROADCAST: Add Adulterous Preachers to Sex Offenders' List
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Now here's a radical idea. The state maintains a sex offenders list, or at least it is supposed to. On it are supposed to be listed all those who have molested children or have committed other aggravated sexual crimes. I am all in favor of that list being kept and of its contents being made as public as necessary to protect both children and women from brutal sexual predators. But what about churches maintaining a list of immoral characters whose crimes do not earn them a place on the state list? What about churches placing the names of preachers who have had extra-marital affairs or who have got into adulterous relationships on a list that congregations may consult before accepting the services of a new minister?

Anglicans in Australia are enforcing a stricter code of conduct with a proposal for its national church database of child abusers to include ministers accused of extra-marital affairs. Some critics argue that marital infidelity should not be included alongside child abuse in the register. Others fear that in an age of political correctness complaints could be made on the basis of a misinterpreted wink.

I must say that the Australian idea is not a bad one, though it has some possible inbuilt legal and moral difficulties. The register will be based on complaints and include accused church workers even if the accusations against them are unproven. Only if the accused is completely cleared of the allegation will the minister or church worker's name come off the list. This is a little foggy, even dangerous, for all it would take to destroy a man's reputation would be an accusation from one person without any corroborative evidence. There have been cases where such accusations have been made and have been widely publicized. I recall a case of a prominent radio personality here in the Upstate of South Carolina being accused by two young teenagers. His name was blasted all over the press. Only one major radio personality was willing to step out on a limb and tell the public that as one who knew the man he rejected the story as a fabrication. And it was a fabrication through and through and the girls later admitted to making up the entire story. But in many cases liars will stick to a story. Particularly in cases where there is only one accuser with no corroboration it seems a little unfair, even unscriptural, to condemn a man who is vulnerable to wild accusations from people he has crossed in some other way.

Having entered that caveat I am all in favor of ministers and church workers being vetted as thoroughly as possible. There is no place in the ministry for adulterers. I say, identify them and exclude them. And I would add homosexuals to the list. But, you say, cannot God forgive them. Praise God He can. However, that is between them and the Lord. Any man whose moral character is suspect must never wittingly be let loose in congregations where he may all too easily find fresh targets for his lust. Adulterers and abusers should never think that they can gain unhindered access to positions of leadership in churches. They should not be allowed to hide under the anonymity of a policy of non-disclosure. Some sins cast long shadows. As far as the ministry is concerned, ministerial sexual abuse or infidelity should never emerge from those shadows. The sin may be forgiven. The trust that allows a man into the ministry can never be restored in such cases.
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 200713 years ago
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The Pope and the Chief Financier of Islamic Terrorism
AUDIO BROADCAST: The Pope and the Chief Financier of Islamic Terrorism
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Saudi Arabia is without doubt the chief financier of worldwide Islamic terrorism. Take away Saudi money and you cut the lifeline of most Islamic terrorists. Saudi Arabia has for years exported the most extreme form of Wahhabi Islam and has poured millions of dollars into the establishment of schools committed to spreading radical Islam in Muslim countries. Leading Saudi families contribute huge amounts of money to Muslim terrorists. Even the country's Chief Justice, the man in charge of terrorist trials, is on record as encouraging Saudi Arabian terrorists to go to Iraq. In 2004 he said: "Entering Iraq has become risky now. It requires avoiding those evil satellites and those drone aircraft, which own every corner of the skies over Iraq. If someone knows that he is capable of entering Iraq in order to join the fight, and if his intention is to raise up the word of God, then he is free to do so."

When the Saudi King visited the U.K. recently, he was taken aback by the number of questions about his country and Muslim terrorism. He likes to promote himself as a liberal innovator, a real social reformer. If building sky scrapers is the measure of reformation then he is undoubtedly a reformer. But if such things as shutting off the money from Al Quaeda or stopping the flow of Muslim fighters to cause mayhem in Iraq figure in the matter, the Saudi King is the Muslim Sovereign of Death.

On a recent visit to Rome the Saudi king went to see the Pope. Perhaps you saw the picture of them, holding each other's hands and gazing intently into each other's eyes. The meeting, according to the press, was to explore ways of mutual understanding. In reality the whole thing was a photo-op for pope and king. The pope always wants to appear as a man of peace (forget about his easy ties to the German Nazis), the conscience and moral compass of the world. The Saudi king welcomed the papal photo-op because it allowed him the chance to appear in the Western press as a benign figure, a man we can trust.

But why should we trust a man who presides over a worldwide web of terrorism? That the pope should appear with him is par for the course. The Vatican is no friend of this country on any level and certainly not in its war on terror. Pope Benedict's cozy chat with the monarch of the world's leading supporter of Islamofascism is his latest attempt to repair the damage he caused when he, for once, said something true about Islam, to the effect that it has an ugly and bloody history. He has met with Muslim clerics and has been on a public relations blitz for months now and this meeting with the Saudi king is just the latest step in that campaign. If cozying up to the Saudi king is the price of his rehabilitation, he will not worry too much. The man who could be at home with the Nazis will have no problems with a Muslim king.

As I say, it's all par for the course. I'd expect nothing better from the pope. It would not worry him that as the Times of London reported, "In the past the Saudis openly supported Islamic militants. Osama Bin Laden was originally treated as a favorite son of the regime and feted as a hero for fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Huge charitable organizations such as the International Islamic Relief Organization and the al-Haramain Foundation - accused in American court documents of having links to extremist groups - flourished, sometimes with patronage from senior Saudi royals." And now one of those royals has found a welcome in the Vatican. Remember the old saying: Birds of a feather flock together.
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 200713 years ago
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Rome Made an Immoral Charlatan a Saint
AUDIO BROADCAST: Rome Made an Immoral Charlatan a Saint
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Five years ago, before an ecstatic crowd of 200,000 pilgrims, the Church of Rome officially declared a Capuchin friar popularly known as Padre Pio a saint. Pio had for years worn fingerless gloves that covered what he claimed were stigmata, a supernatural reproduction of the wounds of Christ. His image is on a million key chains and carried around as some holy charm by deluded devotees. The evidence is that the Vatican knew that the man they were canonizing was a fake and a charlatan.

An Italian historian, Sergio Luzzatto has written a devastating expose, Padre Pio, Miracles and Politics in 20th century Italy, in which he produces new evidence from Vatican archives, which he says proves that the friar secretly procured carbolic acid with which to burn his hands, feet and sides.

There is little here that the Vatican did not already know. Two successive popes regarded Padre Pio as a fraud. By 1920, when Pio was 33 and was already exhibiting his scars before masses of pilgrims, Rome commissioned investigations that reported that Pio regularly scourged himself with a metal-tipped whip, and had sex with women twice a week. For many years Pio was banned from celebrating mass in public. Remember, these were Vatican findings, accepted by two popes. One thing that seemed to support Pio's claims was that the wounds on his hands did not heal when treated and bandaged by a Vatican-commissioned doctor. Now, however, Sergio Luzzatto has unearthed a letter that Pio wrote to a young woman requesting her to obtain carbolic acid from her cousin who was a pharmacist. This is what he used to keep his wounds weeping.

The letter begging for carbolic acid was in the Vatican archives and it had all the evidence it needed to brand Padre Pio a fake and a charlatan. It didn't. Instead, it removed the ban it had placed on him and milked the notoriety that his claimed stigmata so easily gained. Knowing from its own investigations that far from being a saint, Pio was an immoral scoundrel, a liar and a cheat, a man who willfully built up a persona for himself that was utterly at variance with what he really was, the Vatican declared him a saint! Why worry about small details like morality and honesty when there are millions of dollars to be made by touting the mystical virtues of Saint Pio? In keeping with Rome's black history, money and the power it brings trump morality every time. And this is the system that sets itself up as the moral compass of the world!

Already the Catholic Anti-defamation League has gone into action. Luzzatto's claims are utterly false, they assure us. Why? Because according to Roman dogma canonization involves the infallibility of the pope! So we are to disregard two popes who believed Pio an immoral fraud and declare all the evidence false just to uphold the infallibility of John Paul II. If it weren't so serious it would be laughable.

When Martin Luther was under deep conviction of sin and longed for pardon and relief, his Superior advised him, "Look to the wounds of Jesus." There is power in Christ's blood to save the neediest soul. For Rome to set up a liar and a charlatan who faked the Saviour's wounds is just another evidence that far from being the holy Church of Christ she is His mortal enemy, as immoral and antichristian as ever.
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MONDAY, MARCH 20, 200614 years ago
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Penn State Chemistry Professor's Scientific Criticisms of Evolution
AUDIO BROADCAST: Commentary: Penn State Chemistry Professor's Scientific Criticisms of Evolution
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

Here in South Carolina, the Education Oversight Committee is currently reviewing science standards and is entertaining the (to some) revolutionary idea that students should not only be taught the usual evolutionary theory but should also be introduced to scientific evidence that challenges it. As expected, there has been a barrage of criticism. This is caving in to the intelligent design movement, or worse still, to the Biblical creationists and these ideas have no place in a science classroom. So goes the by now outworn dirge of the evolutionary élite. Evolution is science. Anything else is not.


Enter Professor Philip S. Skell, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the Evan Pugh Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, at Penn State University. In January 2006, Professor Skell wrote to the Education Oversight Committee “to voice my strong support for the idea that students should be able to study scientific criticisms of the evidence for modern evolutionary theory along with the evidence favoring the theory.” The Professor can hardly be put down as a Fundamentalist, for he is not. He does not write as a Biblical creationist. He holds that evolution is “an important theory, and students need to know about it.” Then he proceeds: “But scientific journals now document many scientific problems and criticisms of evolutionary theory, and students need to know about these as well.” Skell avers that many of these criticisms are well known to scientists and then drops this bombshell: “I have found that many of my scientific colleagues are very reluctant to acknowledge the existence of problems with evolutionary theory to the general public. They display an almost religious zeal for a strictly Darwinian view of biological origins.” This is strong stuff, but the Professor has not finished: “For those scientists who take it seriously, Darwinian evolution has functioned more as a philosophical belief system than as a testable scientific hypothesis. This quasi-religious function of the theory is, I think, what lies behind many of the extreme statements that you have doubtless encountered from some scientists opposing any critical analysis of neo-Darwinism in the classroom. It is also why many scientists make public statements about the theory that they would not defend privately to other scientists like me.”


Now let this sink in. Skell charges that scientists who admit to their peers that there are difficulties with their pet theory refuse to let the public know of such concerns. The obvious question is, “Why?” And the equally obvious answer is, “Because evolutionists know well that every evidence against random, undirected mutation is an argument for intelligent design, which brings us back inexorably to the reality of a Creator—and that is what evolutionists are desperately trying to escape.”


But escape from God is impossible. He is and not all the vain theorizing in the world can change that. Evolution is a theory whose time has come and gone, a secular religious dogma that would-be atheists espoused to free them from the fear of God. Their hysterical protests against every new exposure of the bankruptcy of their system shows how unsuccessful they have been, for evidently they are still haunted by a fear of God.


As expected, evolutionists have mounted a virulent assault on Professor Skell’s scientific credibility. They admit that he is an expert in chemistry and biochemistry but assert that he has zero knowledge of biology. On the face of it the criticism is self-contradictory, but even if it were true, it would not lessen the force of his argument. However, just for good measure we’ll return to this subject tomorrow, God willing, and cite someone whose credentials in biological science cannot be questioned—and whose work underscores the necessity to realize that the old evolutionary ideas just don’t measure up to the findings of modern investigation.

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