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TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 200614 years ago
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Facing Up to Muslim Atrocities
AUDIO BROADCAST: Commentary: Facing Up To Muslim Atrocities
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

We hear quite frequently that Islamic terrorists launched their attack on America because of the policies of our government, especially their support of Israel. We are told that Muslim terrorists have had little alternative but to rise up against Jews and Christians. In other words, we brought it on ourselves. We forced an otherwise peaceful people to do desperate things, while all the time all they really wanted was to live in peace. The facts hardly support the notion that Islam is fundamentally a religion of peace, whose devotees can co-exist peacefully with people of another religion.


Look at Europe, where Germany, Britain, and France all have ominous Muslim minorities making a push to do more than make their presence felt. They give every evidence of an intention to dominate. Political commentators have placed Islam in the forefront of the forces currently at work to reshape Europe.


Then take what is happening in Asia. Muslim atrocities in Indonesia are legion. Suicide bombers, hatchet-wielding fanatics who hack young girls to pieces—these are “peaceful” pictures that have come from Indonesia recently. Then look at Thailand where a couple of million Muslims live among some 66 million Buddhists. Currently, the Muslims are conducting a violent campaign of murder and mayhem that some Al Qaeda experts believe is the most significant conflict in the region.


Such is the level of Muslim violence that across the world there is a fear of saying anything that may awaken the violent attention of Islamic killers. Now a professedly Christian TV network has joined the ranks of the silenced. Trinity Broadcasting Network has taken internationally known preacher and author Hal Lindsey’s program off the air, at least in part to avoid offending Muslims. Lindsey has long been a favorite prophecy guru for the network and his books on the subject have sold in the tens of millions. Now, let me say at once that I find most of Lindsey’s prophetic prognostications far off the mark. But that’s not what got him kicked off TBN. What raised the ire—or the fear—of the network was that his International Intelligence Briefing was deemed too pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. After mendaciously denying that the Muslim issue was any part of the decision to cancel Lindsey, TBN admitted it. Their excuse was that they had to evangelize Muslims in the Arab world: “We are trying to reach the Islamic world and open a dialogue with them regarding Christ and Christianity.” So, it appears that to evangelize you make sure you do not expose the awful evil of worldwide Islamic terrorism.


Interestingly, The Scotsman reported in November, 2005 that in Scotland leading Muslim clerics were calling on the national Church to teach more Christianity in public schools. The Muslim leaders believed that a more “strident exposition” of Christianity (this is how the Church of Scotland Moderator described the approach they made to him) would give young people a moral defense against the secularism with which they were being constantly bombarded. And equally interestingly, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland rejected their call for this more strident presentation of Christianity, insisting that multiculturalism had led more people in Scotland to drop their hostilities to one another.


My point in referring to this Scottish report after what I have been saying about Islamic terrorism is that a “strident” presentation of the gospel—one that meets the followers of Islam and of other religions head on with a gracious presentation of the truth—is not only the best way of confronting Islamic jihadists, but the best and only way to win them for Christ. We must never forget that behind the headlines screaming of the latest Muslim atrocities, there are real Christian brethren and sisters who are seeking to live for Christ in the face of this awful eruption of terror tactics. If we in the West cower in fear and try to escape Muslim wrath by pandering to Islam’s push for domination, we will condemn our brethren in Muslim controlled countries to unspeakable horrors. And we will condemn Muslims to the unrelieved darkness of a Christless religion that does not have one ray of hope for its followers either in this world or in the world to come. 

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