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MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Homosexuality a Sin, Not an Alternative Lifestyle
AUDIO BROADCAST: Homosexuality Is a Sin, Not an Alternative Lifestyle
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

For a number of years we have lived under a barrage of indoctrination posing as information as powerful lobbies have sought to brainwash the American public into accepting homosexuality as a morally innocent alternative lifestyle. It seems that this long running effort is paying off for according to recent polling data, Americans are evenly divided on the question whether homosexuality is sinful. According to these data, 55% of American Roman Catholics believe that homosexual behavior is not sinful, as did 31% of Protestants. Even 17% of those who described themselves as "Evangelical" or "Fundamentalist" held the same opinion. This I shocking: 39% of Roman Catholics, 61% of Protestants and 79% of those who described themselves as born-again, evangelical or fundamentalist Protestants said they do believe homosexual behavior is sinful.

From all this it seems clear that there is an increasing acceptance of homosexual behavior as normal. It is scary to realize that around one in five "born again evangelicals" cannot identify it as sinful but find it acceptable behavior. As I said, the brainwashing has begun to pay dividends for the homosexual lobby.

This is serious. Homosexuals have succeeded in perverting the nation's social values and the change they have brought about is one that will do great harm to America. Now they are seeking to gain a stranglehold on churches as well and with a fair amount of success. Among Roman Catholics they have already gained a majority and they may have done the same among liberal Protestants. We are beginning to see what this shift in public opinion will do to our children and the education they are receiving.

America desperately needs to hear what the word of God has to say on the matter. Homosexuality is sin not an innocent variation of lifestyle. And God treats it as such. He makes no excuses for it or accommodates it. He condemns it in the most unmistakable manner, irrespective of current public opinion. According to Romans chapter 1, the acceptance of the lifestyle of Sodom is a sign of God's giving a nation up to judgment. Never forget, homosexuality is not just an alternative lifestyle. It is sin. It bars its practitioners from entering God's kingdom-which is another way of saying that it damns the soul.

God's people need to recognize this. They do homosexuals no kindness by accepting their perversion as an innocent alternative lifestyle. Homosexuals can be saved on the same terms as other sinners-repentance of their sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is a message of hope and it is the only hope homosexuals will ever have. The sooner we grasp the message and tell it to America the better. Failure to do so will exact a terrible price.

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