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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2008Printer-Friendly
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Godless Britain’s Barbaric Laws
AUDIO BROADCAST: Godless Britain's Barbaric Laws
Let the Bible Speak Radio
Dr. Alan Cairns

In a series of votes the British parliament stamped the United Kingdom as one of the most godless, depraved and barbaric nations on earth. What? Britain barbaric? Surely not! Suave Britons leave that sort of thing to the religious nuts of places such as Iran or Saudi Arabia. But Britain also has its religious nuts only in her case her nuts embrace the religion of secular humanism-indeed, it sometimes appears they will embrace anything just as long as (a) it is not Bible Christianity and (b) it gives full scope to their unbridled lusts. Consider the following four votes taken in May, 2008:

1.   By an overwhelming majority, Parliament voted against lowering the gestational age at which an unborn child could be killed by abortion. Currently, Britain allows children to be aborted up to 24 weeks, a standard that has been in place since 1990. To most MPs it mattered not that in many cases children of less than 24 weeks gestational age could live outside the womb. They ploughed on anyway, determined that they would do nothing to slow the abortion- the slaughter-of some 200,000 children per year. They would not even agree to drop the legal limit of abortions to 22 weeks. It had to say at 24 weeks. Even that is far from absolute for Britain allows children to be killed by abortion right up to the time of birth in cases where the children are considered "heavily handicapped."

2.   In a move to accommodate lesbians, Parliament passed a measure that removed from the in vitro fertilization law the requirement that clinics consider the need of a father in the life of the child so conceived. In other words, the in vitro fertilization law was passed to help married couples who could not conceive a child normally to do so with the help of medical science. Now, parliament has substituted the requirement of "supportive parenting" in the place of fathers-just to allow lesbian perverts to bear children without the inconvenience of a heterosexual marriage. Gordon Brown's government argued that current law "discriminates against lesbian couples." This is the sort of inanity that passes for argument in what was once proudly known as the Mother of Parliaments. Now depraved lawmakers want to play God and decree that childbearing should not be limited to marriage or even to male-female relationships!

3.   Parliament voted to legalize the creation in medical clinics of part-human part-animal hybrid embryos. An amendment to ban hybrids was defeated by a 336-176 margin. This was allegedly to promote stem cell research that "may"-no guarantees-some day help with a variety of genetic diseases. The fact that stem cell may be taken from non-embryonic sources didn't register with the majority of MPs.

4.   Parliament also approved the creation of so-called "saviour siblings"-embryos created specifically in laboratories so that the resulting in vitro fertilization baby can be a donor of bone morrow and other tissue for older brothers and sisters with genetic-based diseases.

All of this is utter barbarism. This is what happens when a nation cuts loose from the moorings of a code of law and ethics that is based on God's word. Britain is not alone in its depraved indifference to moral integrity. Europe and the United States are travelling the same path and it is a path to national destruction. "Blessed is the nation whose God is he Lord." True, but never forget, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and the nations that forget God." Sadly, that's just what Britain has done.

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